Kontrol Essentials

The 'famed' Kontrol range of moisture control product, is designed to be both effective and discrete. Our comprehensive range offers you a product for every situation whether it be a badly condensated window sill in your home, a damp cellar or a caravan in storage. All our products are 99% mess free, simple to use and in many cases can be re-used.
Our products offer you all year round protection against damp musty odours and mildew.
So whatever the moisture management problem you face... take control with Kontrol.

Latest News

Mini Moisture Absorber

THEY'RE ON THEIR WAY!! 16th September is the date when the Mini Moisture Absorber Range is in stock!

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Did you know...

Our activity within our home generates water vapour - cooking/ showering/ gas fires/ boiling kettles - even breathing! Based on an average family of 5 - introduces 10Litres of water per day!  Even more during the winter months when the windows are closed and ventilation is poor.

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Website Competition

By entering our website competition, you can win;  2 x STREAMLINE MOISTURE TRAPS and a MEGA MOISTURE TRAP! Don’t miss your chance to win these fantastic products worth over £20.

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Daily Mail Promotion Goes Live

Kontrol are proud to present our first Daily Mail promotion as an opportunity for our customers to enjoy the quality efficient products we have to offer. This one off price has been created to allow you to benefit from all year round humidity control throughout your home, caravan and motorhome.

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