"I have spilt the contents of my moisture trap on my sofa/carpet/curtains etc. and after several weeks I still cant cant get rid of the damp patch. "

The Calcium Chloride Liquor will continue to absorb moisture and remain damp unless you wash with warm soapy water, dry with hair dryer or dry cloth and repeat process several times.


"The Krystals have all stuck together - there is no water in the moisture trap and they have developed a rust coloured crust"

This means that the Krystals are starting to work - initially the water will absorb into the Krystals themselves and in time will drip through in to the base (this will depend on local conditions - condensation levels etc.


"My Hanging De Humidifier has been in place for 2 weeks and there is no moisture in the base of the bag yet"

The process can take time - like with the Streamline Moisture Trap - the Krystals inside the product will absorb the moisture first and you will notice that the Krystals will form a crusty clump - this is the start of the process - locking in the moisture - and as the process continues the excess moisture will start to drip through into the base.


"How will the moisture get in the bag?"

The unique material breaths in moisture vapour but locks in the droplets yet still allowing the impregnated fragrance out


"Bio Toilet Fresh - Will the blue colour stain my cistern or the sides of my toilet?"

No that's the beauty of Bio Fresh technology - the environmentally friendly bug munchers will eat stains and biological waste and at the same time interact with nasty bugs and bacteria literally forcing them to destroy each other without the need for bleach or any other cleaning agents!


"How do Kontrol Krystals work?"

Calcium Chloride Flakes are anhydrous, that means that through their molecular structure they attract moisture to their surface - imagine iron filings to a magnet - not as dramatic and fast but the same principle.



"How long does the process take?"

In the Home environment the reaction takes place more slowly. At first the Krystals coagulate and sometimes a discoloured crust may form due to slight iron content in the chemical structure of the Krystals. The process can take place between 8 - 12 weeks and 500g can absorb up to 1 litre of moisture (depending on ambient conditions|) and the liquor can be carefully disposed of down the sink or drain.


"Too Dry?"

On the flip side - many modern homes are very efficiently heated - central heating can dry out the atmosphere creating stale air that can encourage tickly coughs and dry out some furniture and wooden objects - hanging a Ceramic Humidifier over a heater and filling with a little tap water will help release a little moisture back in to the atmosphere.