Company Profile


Kontrol was founded in Jersey in the Channel Islands 40 years ago.

We are a small but specialised niche business supplying around 80 products  – specialising in Home and Garden Solutions over the categories of Humidity Control, Cleaning, Laundry, Clothes Protection, Home Fragrancing and Pest Control.

We pride ourselves on developing and manufacturing innovative, well priced products aimed at providing simple, effective Home and Garden Solutions. We also help some clients with larger items on an FOB basis in terms of Sourcing, Product Development and Quality Control with partner factories in the Far East – this includes some Garden Tools – Solar Items – Eco Friendly Insect Garden Range -  Self Watering Plant Growers - Shed Storage Solutions and Pop up Greenhouses.

We are a small but dedicated team and we endeavour to keep bringing you quality and value products providing everyday solutions for everyday Homes and Gardens. To the best of our ability we will continue to do this in a socially and environmentally responsible way and at all times in a friendly ad efficient maner. 

We have created the UK’s leading Moisture Control Range sold in thousands of well known household name stores and respected Mail Order Catalogues. Our range provides effective solutions to help with all aspects of De Humidifying and Humidifying homes, caravans and boats nationwide.

The Homefresh brand has brought together fun and function with eye catching Home Fragrance solutions aimed at everyday areas around homes, caravans and boats (fridge fresheners, bin fresheners, room fresheners, anti moth wardrobe freshener 

Pest Control solutions continue to grow with the well known “Waspinator” – NO MORE WASPS – now stocked by most UK Garden Centres.

Our Vision

Striving towards more eco friendly and health beneficial products to capture moisture and effectively repel insects in a humain manor. We aspire to be the best at what we do to insure customer satisfaction.